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【Terms of Use for the System】
■Article 1 (Application of the Terms of Use)
These Terms of Use shall apply to any and all use of materials and delivery services provided by the Company (hereinafter, the “Services”) by the registered users set forth in Article 5.

■Article 2 (Safety Precautions)
Regarding the obtainment of personal information on our web pages, we have adopted an encrypted communication method that uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to enhance communication security. However, due to the nature of Internet services, the Company is unable to provide any guarantee on the safety and reliability of communication for the period starting after the transmission of your personal information but before its storage into our server. Please note that, except where we had any willful intention or where there was any gross negligence, we assume no liability with respect to information leaked due to illegal acts of third parties, such as fraudulent access. Please ensure that you understand and acknowledge such communication risks before using this site. We ask that users use and protect their ID and password in an appropriate way..

■Article 3 (Links)
Please use our main page ( if you wish to set a link to this site. Setting a link from the following websites or links are prohibited:
● (a) Links from websites which contain or may contain contents that are offensive to public policy or are illegal;
● (b) Links in forms which infringe upon copyrights, such as those using frame functions or those that make it difficult to know that the contents belong to the Company;
● (c) Links from websites which contain contents that may defame or discredit the Company or its products and services
● (d) Links with commercial and/or for-profit purposes (links that have the purpose of making a profit or obtaining compensation).

■Article 4 (Browsers)
1. It is recommended that you view this site using the latest version of Microsoft Edge.
2. Due to your browser settings or by viewing this site from other browsers, there may be cases where the site’s display is disrupted or where this site cannot be used, even under our recommended browser settings.

■Article 5 (JAVASCRIPT)
1. This site uses JavaScript on each page.
2. Instances in which functions and/or displays do not operate correctly may occur if you have disabled the operation of JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript before viewing our site.
3. Please refer to the HELP section located in the settings section for each browser.

■Article 6 (COOKIE)
1. A COOKIE is a text file used to temporarily store on your computer any information transmitted or received between the webserver that administers this site pursuant to a request from this site and your Internet browsing software (including access history and input). We use COOKIES for the purpose of recognizing computers with an aim to improve accessibility to this site for our users.
2. We will not be able to identify or recognize you through these COOKIES unless you input your personal information. COOKIES can be disabled through the settings section of the Internet browsing software that you use.
3. Note, however, that all or a part of the functions of this site may not operate correctly if you disable COOKIES.

■Article 7 (Registered Users)
1. You are required to be a registered user to use the Services.
2. In order to use the Services, a registered user must apply for registration in accordance with the procedures prescribed in these Terms of Use.
3. A registered user agrees to the contents of these Terms of Use upon completion of the application for registration.
4. In the event that the registered user is a minor, he/she agrees to the contents of these Terms of Use after obtaining consent from his/her legal representative.

■Article 8 (Deregistration)
1. In any of the following events, the Services may deregister the registered user without giving prior notice:
(1) The registered user does not exist;
(2) The registered user has made false statements;
(3) There are erroneous descriptions or omissions in the matters registered at the time of application for registration;
(4) Certain information required at the time of application for registration has been deleted upon request of the registered user;
(5) The registered user has breached these Terms of Use;
(6) The registered user does not give consent to a change in the provisions pertaining to the use of Personal Information by the Services or the provision of Personal Information to third parties;
(7) The registered user is a member of anti-social forces, or it has been revealed that the registered user is affiliated with anti-social forces; or,
(8) Any other case where the Services determine that the person is unfit to be a registered user.

■Article 9 (After Withdrawal/Deregistration)
1. A registered user will be unable to use any of the Services after being deregistered.
2. After a registered user is deregistered, the Services will delete information received from the relevant registered user through the Services which would reveal identifying information regarding the relevant registered user, including the user’s name, ID, password, and e-mail address (hereinafter, “Personal Information”). The Services may continue to use information provided by the relevant registered user, other than the user’s Personal Information, in order to obtain statistical data.

■Article 10 (No Assignment)
Registered users cannot assign their right to use the Services to any third party.

■Article 11 (Handling of Personal Information)
The Services must properly manage Personal Information related to registered users in accordance with these Terms of Use, the “Basic Policy regarding the Protection of Personal Information” of the Company, and the laws of Japan related to the protection of personal information. Registered users authorize the Services to store their Personal Information on a server under the Services control and agree to the Services using their Personal Information.

■Article 12 (Purpose of Use of Personal Information)
Regarding these Services, the Personal Information of registered users will be used for the following purposes:
(1) The management of users of the Services;
(2) The delivery of press releases to the users of the Services; and,
(3) The authentication of the users of the Services.

■Article 13 (Referral, Change, and Deletion of Personal Information)
1. Registered users may refer to, change, or delete his/her registered Personal Information pursuant to the prescribed procedures of the Services.
2. In the event that a registered user desires to withdraw his/her registration, he/she must click the button labeled “Withdrawal” at the top of the main page to contact us.
3. Note that we may not be able to respond to the registered users’ requests in cases where maintenance is being conducted on our server or our network, or where a defect has occurred on our server or network.

■Article 14 (Responsibility for Management of ID and Password)
Registered users are responsible for using and protecting their IDs and passwords. The Services will not be liable for any errors that occur while users use their IDs or passwords, or for damages arising from fraudulent use of a user’s ID and password by third parties.

■Article 15 (Copyrights)
1. Intellectual property rights such as copyrights, trademarks, and design rights pertaining to the contents (information such as text, images, and videos; hereinafter, “Copyrighted Materials”) provided by the Services shall belong to the Services and/or other information providers. Registered users shall not use the Services or any information obtained through the Services for any purpose other than for their personal use (commercial purposes and any other purposes other than for personal use are prohibited).
2. Copyrights (including the rights in Articles 27 and 28 of the Copyright Act) and any other rights pertaining to the proposals, comments, or other opinions regarding the Services (hereinafter, “Proposals”) belong to the Company. Registered users cannot exercise the moral rights of authors with respect to these Proposals.

■Article 16 (Prohibited Matters)
1. Registered users shall not engage in any of the following acts in using the Services:
(1) Disclosing their own IDs or passwords, or selling, assigning, or lending them to any third party;
(2) Using, reproducing, selling, or providing to the public, within or outside of the network, beyond the scope designated in Article 15, information or copyrighted work provided by the Services, or any other act which infringes upon the intellectual property rights (including but not limited to copyrights, trademarks, and design rights) of this Company or the information provider;
(3) Infringing on the property or privacy of another person, or defaming another person;
(4) Transmitting or writing harmful computer programs or the like into our site;
(5) In the event that communication is made through networks in Japan and overseas, any act that violates the rules of such networks;
(6) Using the Services for profit;
(7) Hampering the operation of the Services;
(8) Any act which is in violation of or which may violate the law; and,
(9) Any other act which the Company considers inappropriate.
2. In the event that a registered user violates any of the prohibited matters in the preceding paragraph, the Services may, at its discretion, deregister the relevant user without prior notice.

■Article 17 (Change or Abolishment of the Terms of Use and Services)
1. The Company may add to, change, or abolish the contents or appellation of the Services or all or part of these Terms of Use without obtaining prior approval from the registered users.
2. Except as otherwise set forth, the changes in the preceding paragraph shall come into effect from the time they are displayed online for the Services. Registered users must check these Terms of Use in full prior to using the Service. With respect to any important changes in provisions pertaining to the purpose of use of registered users’ Personal Information or the provision of Personal Information to third parties, the Company will obtain individual consent from each registered user prior to the application thereof. Users who fail to give consent will be deregistered.

■Article 18 (Compensation for Damages)
In the event that the Company suffers or may suffer damages due to the violation of these Terms of Use, or other any other related provisions, by the fraudulent or illegal acts of registered users, the Company may seek an injunction against such acts of the registered users or file a claim for damages the Company suffered against the relevant registered users.

■Article 19 (Immunity)
1. The Services are not liable for any damages incurred due to the registered users’ use of the Services or the information provided by the Services. In addition, it has no obligation to compensate users for any damages.
2. he Services are not liable whatsoever for any dispute arising between registered users, registered users and information providers of the Services, or registered users and third parties due to the use of the Services.
3. The Services will be held harmless for any loss of information registered or provided by the registered users through the Services.
4. The Services will be held harmless for any delay or failure in the performance of obligations hereunder due to causes beyond the reasonable control of the Services, such as defects in the operation of servers or networks or the occurrence of other technical issues.
5. The contents and information on this site are provided as is without any explicit or implicit guarantee. The Services neither provides any statutory guarantee nor is legally obliged or liable with respect to the accuracy, appropriateness, timeliness, or integrity of the information provided. Further, the Services provides no guarantee that the information on this site or the information accessible through this site is not infected with any computer virus.

■Article 20 (Governing Law)
These Terms of Use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan.

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